Situational Focus






Transaction Types


Turnarounds / Restructurings

Asset(s) in need of a transformation or turnaround due to changes in industry dynamics, operational challenges or capital structure issues

  • Deteriorating operating performance
  • Liquidity constrained
  • Overleveraged
  • Litigation overhang
  • Recapitalizations
  • Distressed Debt
  • Liquidations / Wind-downs
  • Bankruptcies

Companies in Transition

Companies with multiple identifiable pathways to value creation through organic growth, operational improvements and execution of strategic plans

  • Seller retiring or looking for graceful exit
  • Strategic operating plan needs substantial revamping
  • Capital needed to execute strategic plan
  • Business Owner Liquidity
  • Management Buyouts
  • Corporate Orphans
  • Growth Capital / Acquisition Financing

Investment Criteria

Canum Capital has the ability to be flexible but typically focuses on investments with the following criteria:

Flexible with focus on Consumer-focused Products and Services (Food & Beverage, Specialty Retail, etc.), Niche Manufacturing, Value-Added Distribution & Logistics and Business Services

$10 million to $100 million

No minimum

Will consider all US-based opportunities, but prefer companies headquartered in the Western US

No limitations for add-on acquisitions




Geographic Preference

Add-On Investments