True Partners

  • Canum employs a hands-on approach with partners taking active roles in its investments  
  • Canum’s partners are committed to providing sizable portions of the capital required for each investment

Creativity & Flexibility

  • Free from traditional private equity constraints, we can be creative and flexible in catering to all stakeholders’ needs
  • We will consider various transaction structures and investment horizons

Extensive Network

  • Deal flow generation from a broad, diverse network of investment bankers, lawyers, corporate executives, operational consultants and other non-traditional sources
  • Active portfolio management support from a comprehensive network of professionals with substantial operational and financial expertise

Differentiated Skill Set

  • Having participated in many of the largest corporate restructurings over the last decade, Canum’s partners: 
    • Are versed in the “blocking and tackling” required to identify and successfully execute investments in unique, opportunistic situations;
    • Can assist management teams in navigating through any unforeseen headwinds; and
    • Always focus on downside protection and capital preservation knowing how to identify and protect against common pitfalls and risks